Give your booty a favor! Give tiny showers to your butt

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Meet Whisper, a sleek, self-cleaning, simple to use and easy to install bidet that easily connects to toilets, just under the seat, so you can feel shower clean after doing the dirty. Think of it like a tiny shower for your butt.

Connect in 10 minutes – No special tools or electricity needed. All you need to do is connect the whisper hose to the water supply hose using the screws included in the package and place the bidet in the toilet. Easy peasy.

The settings are simple – With just a turn of the knob, you can easily use this bidet. The NOZZLES setting activates the self-cleaning mode, and the REAR setting rinses your rear.

Superior Hygiene Protection – The nozzle sprayer is completely protected from falling debris and splash back, ensuring germs and bacterias will not touch it. The water from the spray is a fresh, clean water comes directly from the water supply hose. Its metal water adapter, white hose w/ metal connectors, and durable/stain-resistant ABS plastic body construction keep things working and looking flawless.

$79 $89

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