Gisele Bundchen Causes Parental Outrage with Photo of Her and Daughter Riding ATV Without Helmets

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A photo of supermodel Gisele Bundchen riding an ATV with her 1-year old daughter without helmets started circulating the web recently, causing parental outrage worldwide.

One day after, a representative of the mother of two has come forward to explain.

“Gisele was on a private beach driving very, very slowly,” the representative for Bundchen told ABC News.

The supermodel mom, and wife of NFL star Tom Brady, was photographed this weekend on vacation in Costa Rica. The photo which was?first posted on TMZ.com shows Bundchen with one hand on the handlebars and the other hand on?her daughter Vivian Lake.


Many people have expressed their opinions on the issue.

“My palms started sweating because that just looks terrifyingly unsafe,” Adriana Velez of a parenting website,?TheStir.com,?said.

This is not the first time Bundchen was in a middle of a parenting controversy.


Bundchen and Brady were apparently photographed in March taking Vivian, then 3 months old, on an ATV ride, again in Costa Rica and again without helmets.

A few months later, Bundchen was criticized for posting photos?online of her daughter with pierced ears. Vivian was 7-months-old then.

More recently, just before Christmas, Bundchen shared a photo of her nursing Vivian while she was at a salon. The supermodel was getting her hair styled, her nails manicured and her face made up.

Now we wonder: Why are people so focused on anything Bundchen posts or shares?

The supermodel is a subject of public scrutiny because she is known for being a very opinionated woman. She does not hold back from saying her opinions from parenting to healthy eating.

“Some people here [in the United States] think they don’t have to breast-feed, and I think, ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?'” she told?Harper’s Bazaar UK?in 2010 after having her son Benjamin. “I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breast-feed their babies for six months.”

Although more and more people are questioning the supermodel?s parenting skills, she still remains to be one of the most sought after and popular icons of today.


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