Girls of the Wild?s Chapter 245: Fans’ React

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Girls of the Wild?s Chapter 245
Girls of the Wilds Jae Gu

Fans have been clamoring as to when the story will get back to its action / romance plot that everybody enjoyed when the series just started. It seems that after the kidnapping incident of Daldal, Wild?s High is just too calm and Queen hasn?t been appearing much. In discussion boards of Girls of the Wild?s Chapter 245 , fans are beginning to be disappointed as they predict that the Jae Gu drama will stretch for months again.

The only highlight of this chapter is probably the conversation between Myunghwan and Jae Gu. Ending all questions on who likes Daldal and who Daldal likes. Myunghwan says that Daldal likes Jae Gu, to which Jae Gu explains that he is mistaken because Daldal now relies on Myunghwan. Jae Gu resolves that Daldal is simply someone that he?s grateful to know and then bows to Myunghwan in request that he takes good care of Daldal.

Also in this chapter, we see some of the Wild?s High girls and Jae Gu taking part in the Safe-Walk Home Volunteer Group activity, wherein each of them is assigned to individuals that they need to walk home with at night. Jae Gu is assigned to a shy middle school girl named Jimin who, also in the previous chapter, fearfully clings to Jae Gu as they pass an alley where 3 girls from her school were hanging out. This time though, the girls taunt Jimin. Sensing that these girls are bullies, Jae Gu steps in between the girls and Jimin. The girls get rough, and one begins pushing Jae Gu so he decides to stop the girl by grabbing her arm. The chapter ends with with the other girl taking a photo of Jae Gu holding her friend?s arm.

Are we going to see another frame-up or blackmail story? Fans are hoping that they don?t or they are threatening to skip out and just read after a month. Most of them feel that the story now is being dragged longer than it needs to be with no real development. Too much unnecessary depth, they say.

One fan defended the plot and said that Girls of the Wild?s (GOW) story and art is unique because it portrays each character with incredible amount of detail. The same fan gave GOW a rating of 10/10 because the art is very well done, the humor is never forced and the plot is exciting. This series will even tug your heart-strings in the most unexpected scenarios. (mangaupdates)

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