Girls’ Generation Sooyoung and Actor Jung Kyung Ho Finally Admitted Year ? Long Romance

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After dismissing constant rumours that they were dating, actor Jung Kyung Ho and Girls? Generation Sooyoung have finally admitted their year ? long relationship.


Korean news source Sports Seoul caught the then rumored celebrity couple on camera during the holiday season while discreetly enjoying each other?s company. Sports Seoul discovered that they have been an item for a year to this date.


Being a member of a famous Korean girl group and a famous actor, the couple would cover their faces when going out. They move separately when transferring from one place to another just to remain unnoticed.


Secret Date


They also had a secret date last December 12, where Jung Kyung Ho dropped by at a restaurant located in Gangnam, Seoul for take ? out food. He then drove to pick up Sooyoung at Chung-Ang University?s basement parking lot to have dinner with the girl ? group member.


The two then proceeded to CGV theatre for a movie date. As expected, they went there separately by entering different entrances just before the movie started.


Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho left the theatre through separate exits afterwards. The actor left earlier to get the car, while the actress waited for him at another entrance.


He made sure that she will be dropped off secretly at the basement parking lot where they would usually hide from the public.


Covered ? up than Stylish


Instead of going out wearing the usual stylish clothes that celebrities wear, these two get themselves as covered as possible when going out. This is their cautious approach to keep their romance private. Jung Kyung Ho would usually sport a cap and mask to prevent being recognized by the public. Sooyoung, who is known to be a fashionista, conceals herself by wearing black, leggings, a black ? padded jacket, and a wide ? rimmed cap.


A Blossoming Romance


The celebrity couple first met in 2012 at a casual meeting of mutual friends. Since then, their relationship grew into romance. Both share a lot of things in common such as their faith, school, and acting. Love and trust remained strong between the two despite their fame.


Jung Hyung Ko made a 2004 debut in the melodrama series, ?I?m Sorry, I Love You.? He also played his very first lead role in the movie, ?Gangster High.? Jung became well ? known for his role in ?Smile You,? where he played as Lee Min Jung?s love interest. In 2010, the Korean actor was enlisted in the army. During the interview of his release, Jung expressed his interest in Sooyoung on the entertainment news show that she hosts.


Sooyoung, on the other hand, made her debut as a member of the famous group Girls? Generation way back in 2007. The all ? girl group became very popular, both in Korea and worldwide, where they garnered millions of fans. This girl ? group member showcased her acting talent in pieces such as Cyrano Love Agency. She also exposed her eloquent speaking skills and wit in several variety shows.

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