Girl Power: Other Games We Loved from the E3 2015

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In case you didn?t notice, there was more to the recently concluded video game Mecca, E3 2015, than just games waiting for their revival.

Microsoft and Sony may have dominated the show, and we?re sure hearts fluttered and fists were bumped when the likes of Halo 5, Gears of War, Final Fantasy VII, and Batman Arkham Knight (which launches today) aired at the Los Angeles Convention Center announcing their return, but we have to say that we?re equally excited about the new games who debuted during the five day event.

Some of our favorites in fact, were those who were not afraid to be headlined by female protagonists, with some shown to be fully-clothed as they make their way through some action-packed scenes in the game. So what are these games? Here are some of our faves that pay homage to women everywhere who loves her game console:

Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony?s Playstation 4 is getting a great game next year in the form of a dystopian society reeling from the effects of a mysterious darkness, and now being taken over by a herd of mechanical dinosaurs. How rad is that? In the game, the female hero, who looks a lot like the hot and powerful Ronda Rousey, does some kick-ass robot dinosaur-hunting along with the mission to find out what happened to the modern world that we now live in.

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What would a girl do if she finds herself alone in a lunar research station? We don?t know as well but we think that it will make for a really good game. Coming from the same producers who brought us Gone Home, our heroine goes on a lone adventure 200,000 miles away from Earth. Female astronauts? Just look at Sandra Bullock to know that nothing is cooler than a girl who knows her way in space. Coming in PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One this 2016.

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A female traveler with a robot dog who dies, and whose ?soul? transfers to different humanoids throughout different adventures ? this is one out-of-body experience we can?t wait to play Xbox One next year.


If you really want a girl hooked to a game, make sure that the game has a really adorable cat made of yarn that runs, jumps, and conquers different terrains in the most delightful adventures. Sometimes turning to mush because of cuteness can be a good thing. Unravel will be available in Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.


If there?s one thing we girls really love, it?s a guy with a great sense of humor. And the hero in the mystery game Firewatch is just one funny character to watch. Appreciate his comical banter with a the lady in the walkie-talkie as he solves the mystery of missing women while keeping the forest he?s watching over, from going ablaze. Firewatch will be available in PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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