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Girl Meets World Season 4 To Push Through In Freeform?

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Fans of Girl Meets World remain hopeful that the hit series will be back for its fourth season. Disney Channel is silent about the release date of the fourth installment. And, it looks like the show is returning to a different network after its Season 3 finale. Should the series be renewed, it will push through in Freeform.

Due to ongoing petition to move Girl Meets World to a different network, Season 4 might not be aired on Disney anymore. Freeform could most likely be the series? new home. Transferring the show to a different channel makes sense after its predecessor, Boy Meets World, aired on ABC. This means fans could expect to see Girl Meets World Season 4 to be aired on a different network as well.

After three seasons, the girls and boys of Girl Meets World face a whole new stage in their lives. And while they are growing up, the storyline for Season 4 should reflect the maturity of the cast. Right now, Freeform is the most popular choice to take over. The network could give the fans what they want to see from the show.

Otherwise, if the series? fourth installment won?t be back on Freeform, petition to have it moved to a different channel would continue. Fans and viewers alike want Girl Meets World to be moved out of Disney because they want the series to focus on more in-depth and matured topics. As we all know, Disney targets young viewers.

No air date has been confirmed for Girl Meets World Season 4 yet. But what could scare fans more are the speculations about its cancellation. While the series? renewal or cancellation has not been confirmed, nobody knows what the future holds for the hit series.

Meanwhile, creator Michael Jacobs completed a Season 3 finale to be released in 2017. If the show?s cancellation is really fated to take place, we could expect the third season to be a big send-off for the series. But of course, the majority doesn?t want this to happen.

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