?Girl Meets World? Season 4 Cancelled Because of Feud Between Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter? Blanchard Speaks Up

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Girl Meets World Season 4 has not been confirmed and there are already rumors that can lead to its permanent cancellation. The latest rumors indicate that Season 4 is cancelled due to an alleged feud between Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter.

The rumors surfaced on Twitter about Blanchard disliking her castmates and that the series? cancellation is due to a supposedly sour relationship between her and Carpenter, Teen Vogue reports. Some supposed fans also think that the ?feud? was started by Blanchard. But there has been no basis for the ugly rumors and the on and off-screen BFFs openly praise one another in social media and are, in fact, very sweet when they?re together.

Season 3 is coming to a close soon and filming just wrapped up. Blanchard facing this kind of social media backlash amid an emotional (possibly last) season took a toll on the teen star. She took to Twitter to speak up about the hurtful rumors, even admitting that she cried out of frustration because of the false rumors.

She shut all the ugly rumors down with her simple tweet saying that they are definitely not true ?but that doesn?t mean it doesn?t hurt.? She also said that she has been stressed out because of the final week of filming for Season 3 then all these rumors come out about her faking her friendship with Carpenter and her other cast members. She said that the thought of faking a friendship makes her ?sick? and she would never do that.

She continued that the GSW cast love each other more than anything and even hinted that Season 3 could really be their last season. ?We all have had a hard time this week because of it being our possible last week,? she wrote.

She concluded her post with, ?It has only been hugging and reminiscing and loving each other. We will continue to only love each other.?

And also joked (but most probably meant it), ?I am going to delete the Twitter app from my phone and probably binge watch twin peaks lol.?


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Other rumors say that Girl Meets World Season 4 could possibly be transferred to Freeform from Disney Channel since a lot of fans have been suggesting it for a long time in order for the show to have more creative freedom.

In the meantime, catch the last few episodes of Girl Meets World Season 3, Friday nights on the Disney Channel.

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