Girl Meets World Season 4 Cancelled On Disney, Transfers To Freeform?

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Rumors about Girl Meets World Season 4 getting cancelled have been going around recently after news that there will be a big reunion featuring the original Boy Meets World cast in the Season 3 finale. But cancellation rumors might only be true for Disney Channel as Season 4 might possibly shift to Freeform.

Fans have long been suggesting that the show needs to transfer to a different network as the series progresses. Season 3 sees best friends Riley and Maya enter high school wherein they experience dating, identity crisis, and other issues in their adolescence. Many fans argue that if the series stays on Disney, there will be restrictions when it comes to new storylines and the show will not be able to reach its full potential.

Fans even created an online petition to transfer the series to Freeform on Change.org. With Season 3 coming to a close soon with an upcoming big reunion, it is still not certain if Girl Meets World will still continue on Disney Channel or on any network.

But total cancellation might not be the case since the show just earned an Emmy nomination for the Outstanding Children?s Series category for the second time now. Perhaps the creators and producers are still deciding on whether they will transfer to a different network or stay with Disney Channel.

It is also possible that new storylines are already in the works and the writers are exploring on tackling more mature subject matter to fit the timeline of the show since the main characters are already in high school. ?Transferring to Freeform or another network will give them the freedom to explore new storylines and character developments.


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Meanwhile, the next episode of Girl Meets World Season 3 titled Girl Meets I Do will see Shawn and Katy?s wedding with Maya getting a little bit nervous about her mother getting married. Furthermore, Mr. Feeny will be returning to officiate the wedding, IBTimes reports. As recalled, Mr. Feeny played a significant role in Shawn?s childhood and he is undoubtedly one of Shawn?s biggest influences growing up. It will be nice to see him again at Shawn?s wedding.

What do you think? Will Girl Meets World Season 4 be transferred to Freeform?

In the meantime, catch the next episode this August 12 on Disney Channel.

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