Girl Meets World Season 3 Updates: There is No Love Triangle, Producer Reveals

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If you think the past seasons were all about love triangles, well Girl Meets World Season 3 will show you otherwise. ?It is pretty obvious that many of the avid fans of the series are hooked with the love triangle storyline of the main characters.

However, sorry folks but it is not the storyline that the series is following. There was no love triangle in the show to begin with. This was the claim of the people working behind Girl Meets World. According to the show?s executive producer Michael Jacobs, people should watch the third installment for them to realize that there was never a love triangle in the series. ?

We have previously reported that the rumored relationship among Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard; Maya, portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter; and Lucas, acted by Peyton Meyer will finally have its resolution in season 3.

Jacobs has said in a recent interview that those who think that the series is about a love triangle do not really know the show. He stressed that there are bigger and deeper questions that Girl Meets World is trying to answer with regards to the speculated love triangle.

Girl Meets World Season 3 | Photo from www.spoilertv.com

Of course, this revelation might raise some confusion among the loyalists of the show, especially that all this time they have been following the scenes involving the three characters. But, it will all be settled in Girl Meets World Season 3 as Lucas will finally make a decision.

While you?re still digesting the revelation that the show isn?t about the love triangle, we will give you something to ponder on: It should be remembered that Josh is set to return in the series. Josh was once special to Maya. But since Josh left the show, Maya?s attention has transferred to Lucas. And now that Josh is reprising his role, it is not impossible actually if he and Maya rekindle their affection for one another.

Meanwhile, it appears that Farkle?s affair with Riley and Maya will not amount to much, which will disappoint many fans for sure. Farkle just considers the two girls as friends, especially now that he is eyeing a different girl. He is interested in pursuing Isadora Smackle. Will this be the newest love team in the series?

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