Girl Meets World Season 3 Updates: Love Triangle To End Soon, Riley and Maya To Choose Friendship Over Love?

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At the end of the day, there are only two people in a couple, not three. The moment of truth in the hit teenage-themed TV series Girl Meets World Season 3 might be uncovered very soon. Who will Lucas be picking between Riley and Maya?

It should be noted that showrunner Michael Jacobs himself revealed before that the end of the love triangle angle in the series will be in the third installment. And during episode 5 of the series, it is noticeable that the love triangle storyline is being hyped anew.

Funny moments were inserted in between the seriousness of the love triangle among the three major characters. One instance of a hilarious insertion was a jelly bean game that aimed to help Lucas decide on who to pick between Riley and Maya. The idea for the game came from Cory and Shawn.

Meanwhile, Maya is facing an identity crisis after her teacher made her realize that her friendship with Riley is taking a toll on her artistic side. But according to Jacobs, the rift between the two because of Lucas will soon be ending as they will be choosing to save their friendship rather than fall apart because of love.

This has been considered by many as a hint that the two will finally close the love triangle chapter in Girl Meets World Season 3. It should be noted that the love triangle concept was used by the production team to create tension between the two leading actresses of the series.

Well, this too is just another experience for the two characters. It will surely give them a lot of learnings which they might be carrying until they grow older. That said, everyone is still excited to know who will be the girl of Lucas.

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