?Girl Meets World? Season 3 Spoilers: Shawn Returns! Maya Seeks His Help With Her Identity Crisis

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Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) from Boy Meets World returns on Girl Meets World Season 3 and reunites with his childhood best bud, Corey (Ben Savage). Then Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) goes upstate with Corey and Riley (Rowan Blanchard) to seek Shawn?s help with her identity crisis. The upcoming Episode 6 will air next week, July 8, in lieu of the Fourth of July holiday.

In an exclusive clip posted by TV Line from the upcoming episode, ?Girl Meets Upstate,? it looks like Maya?s not the only one suffering from identity crisis. The preview for Episode 6 shows Shawn and Corey together again. In the clip, Shawn exclaims, ?I?m Feeny!? after taking a long, hard look at himself and his life. Then Corey says, ?I?m Feeny! You?re Feeny?s father, Captain Feeney!?

What happens next is an awkward wrestling game between the two pals which is reminiscent of their throwdown back at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Peterman in Boy Meets World Season 7.

With the two buddies acting like kids again, will Uncle Shawn be able to help Maya solve her identity crisis?

In the preview for Episode 6, Maya and Riley head to somewhere upstate. Maya tells her bestfriend, ?Tell me where we?re going.? Riley gently replies, ?To find you.? Fans should expect Maya to struggle with finding her true self as her best friend Riley, Uncle Shawn and Corey try to help her.

According to Cartermatt, Riley takes Maya to Uncle Shawn because he has experienced the same thing when he was a teenager. Maya?s problem was that she has been becoming more like her bestfriend and apparently, Shawn had the same problem back in Boy Meets World as he spent much of his childhood wanting to be like his best bud, Corey, and he just could not completely understand why at that time. But now that he was able to go past his personal conflict, perhaps he can be of great help to the troubled teenager.

Do you think Shawn will be able to help Maya with her identity crisis? Will Maya be able to finally find her true self?

Stay tuned as Riley and Maya go on a trip in Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode 6, ?Girl Meets Upstate,? airing July 8, 8:30/7:30c on Disney Channel.

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