Girl Meets World Season 3 Spoilers: Riley Gets Bad Grades In Episode 4, While Maya Excels–Is Envy In The Air?

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Girl Meets World Season 3 spoilers for episode 4 involve something ?permanent? and no, it?s not a tattoo. Nope, Riley does not look like she?s going to go through that kind of phase anytime soon (not yet, at least). Though, she kind of did in the previous episode, but in the form of a blue-haired gal named ?Jexica.? Now, after dealing with an identity crisis, episode 4 titled ?Girl Meets Permanent Record,? will see Riley stress over bad grades while her best friend, Maya, gets good marks.

Will Riley get envious of Maya?s good performance in class? What will she do to make up for her bad grade?

In ?Girl Meets Permanent Record,? Cartermatt reports that Riley will get a D on her Spanish exam while Maya gets an A. This is a bit of a surprise since Riley usually gets better grades than Maya, but it?s good that Riley gets to experience failure once in a while. Well, that?s not fun at all but in this episode, she will realize that everything she does will be marked in her permanent record which will reflect on whatever school she wants to get into in college. As creator Michael Jacobs told The Wrap, ?High school is the most confusing, awful, terrible and ultimately ? if you do it right ? wonderful springboard into college and the rest of your life.?

So in episode 4, Riley might realize the weight of the situation and will eventually make up for her poor performance. But of course, don?t take everything too seriously, Riley, there?s always room for some fun. It is high school anyway. There is always an adjustment phase and surely there are people out there who can help her and Maya get through the adjustments.

Catch Girl Meets World Season 3 episode 4, ?Girl Meets Permanent Record,? this Friday, June 17 on the Disney Channel.

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