Girl Meets World Season 3 Spoilers: Maya Gone Bad Because of Love Triangle in Episode 7?

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Girl Meets World Season 3 spoilers say that Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) is going to go bad in the upcoming episode 7 titled, ?Girl Meets True Maya.?

Maya has been known to be a consistently good kid but it looks like she?s going to show a different side of her this time and she might be getting herself in big trouble for it.

According to the synopsis for Episode 7, ?Maya wants to do something bad to balance out all the good she?s done lately.? Uh oh, what is Maya up to? Cartermatt reports that the upcoming episode will gear towards a very different direction. It will focus on Maya?s character and about what could happen in her immediate future as she plans to do something contrary to her recent actions.

Maya will still struggle with her identity but will discover more about herself in the process, International Business Times reports. Maya?s decision to go bad could also be because of the love triangle between her, Riley (Rowan Blanchard) and Lucas (Peyton Meyer). Lucas already decided on the girl he wants to go out with, but Maya prevented him from revealing her name. Maya told Lucas that Riley has been her best friend for a long time and no matter what his decision is; Riley will still be the best choice for him.



Maya may try to do something new and show her rebellious side. This is still a part of her struggle with her identity crisis and the title may hint on Maya finally realizing who she truly is. Though, it may take a couple of bad decision before she realizes her true identity.

While Maya?s journey continues, Riley and her friends and family will always be there to help her. Uncle Shawn (Rider Strong) returned in the previous episode and he gave the girls some advice on handling the crucial decisions in life. We also saw Shawn?s proposal to Katy (Cheryl Texiera) and how he plans to start a family.

What do you think will happen to Maya? Will we see her rebellious side? Will she finally resolve her identity crisis?

Catch Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode 7, ?Girl Meets True Maya,? this July 15, Friday, 7:30p.m. ET on the Disney Channel.

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