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Girl Meets World Season 3: Josh & Zay To Fight Over Maya In ‘Girl Meets Bear’ Episode 12?

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Girl Meets World Season 3 spoilers suggest that Lucas' decision will be revealed, and Maya may realize she doesn't like him after all.
Girl Meets World Season 3 spoilers suggest that Lucas’ decision will be revealed, and Maya may realize she doesn’t like him after all.

When Episode 12 of Girl Meets World Season 3 airs, viewers will get to see how Josh and Zay are going to fight over Maya. The trailer suggests that a new love triangle involving the three will most likely blossom. It appears like a lot of good things and a bunch of love are on their way in the episode titled ?Girl Meets Bear.?

When Josh returned, he somehow hinted about having a future with Maya. Several viewers may find their age difference disturbing for now. But love knows no age after all. And nobody knows what?s bound to happen soon.

Then there?s Zay who might also have feelings for Maya. In fact, he could have these feelings for her for quite some time but he chooses not to let anyone know. The show certainly has its way of making things different from what they actually are.

Since Josh and Zay happen to like only one girl, it could most likely end with a friendly or not so friendly fight. The course of this budding love triangle will be known soon in Girl Meets World Season 3. And, we could only hope that the best man wins.

In addition, the said episode will also feature the search for Barry the Bear. It is Riley?s stuffed teddy bear that she has treasured for a long time. Her friends and family are going to help her find dear Barry and bring him home.

Check out the teaser for ?Girl Meets Bear? below.

One sure thing that avid viewers can expect with ?Girl Meets Bear? is that it?s going to be lighter than the previous episodes. Recent episodes of Girl Meets World have shown marriage issues and some rational discussion of man?s innate goodness. Situations are going to be less serious this time.

Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode 12 is slated to air on August 26, 2016 on the Disney Channel. Fans can also catch it on Disney Channel in Australia.

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