Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode 5: Lucas to Finally Choose Between Riley and Maya in Girl Meets Triangle? Best Friends to Break Up?

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Girl Meets World Season 3 episode 5 may see a rift between Maya and Riley.
Girl Meets World Season 3 episode 5 may see a rift between Maya and Riley.

Even before Girl Meets World Season 3 began, fans have been anticipating what will happen to the supposed love triangle between Lucas, Maya and Riley. It’s said that in Girl Meets World Season 3 episode 5 titled Girl Meets Triangle, the love triangle will finally end. Does this mean that Lucas will finally choose between Maya and Riley? Various spoilers also suggest that Maya and Riley?s friendship will be put to the test like never before, which may result in them drifting apart.

According to Parent Herald, the Maya-Lucas-Riley love triangle may finally see an end in tonight?s episode. In the promo for Girl Meets World Season 3 episode 5, it can be seen that the changes in Maya have been observed by her friends and family. She?s been getting good grades and behaving lately, which is apparently unusual for her. According to the online publication, these changes may mean that Maya will finally give up her feelings for Lucas, now that she?s more focused on herself.

Meanwhile, Cartermatt reports that Girl Meets Triangle will be all about Maya and Riley?s friendship. Given the title, it?s expected that the episode will be about the long-discussed love triangle and its impact on Maya and Riley?s friendship. Cartermatt writes that tonight?s episode will show what friendship means to Maya and Riley and ?whether or not there are things that could stand in their way.? Given the changes that are happening lately, will they successfully pass the test, or will they eventually fall apart?

Tonight?s episode is expected to be big, as the Disney show will be taking a short break afterward because of the July 4 holiday. The show will be back again on July 8.

Girl Meets World Season 3 episode 5 airs tonight at 7:30 pm on Disney Channel.

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