Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode 18 Spoilers: Love Triangle To Be Resolved Soon With The Appearance Of Josh; Does Lucas Love Maya More Than Riley?

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By now, many fans are still raring to see how Girl Meets World Season 3 will resolve the issue of the love triangle between Riley, Lucas and Maya. And it appears that the resolution to this love problem is about to be revealed.

Reports have it that the 18th episode of the third installment is moving to the part of story where it will finally bare who Lucas will be picking between Riley and Maya. The upcoming episode is titled Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1, which spoilers suggest will be in the Ski Lodge where the love triangle might end.

It is expected that two additional main characters will be introduced in the said episode. While, Maya?s intention to find her identity might just be a wrong decision for her. Just like the previous shows, it is foreseen that the youth-oriented series will continue to surprise its audience with unexpected twists and turns. Although we have previously reported that the show was never about the love triangle, it remains to be the very reason why so many teenagers are hooked on the show.

It must be remembered that Lucas almost revealed his choice between the two girls but Maya prevented him from doing so. The Ski Lodge episode is said to be a game changer in the lives of the main characters. This as two characters would be playing crucial roles in ending the love triangle issue among Riley, Lucas and Maya. ?

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Who are these characters? It would be Josh and Farkle that will be joining the cast member of Girl Meets World Season 3. The former is expected to lead the change in lives of the main characters. Josh will make the love story even more appealing to the audience as reports suggest. Many are expecting for a rivalry between Josh and Lucas for Maya?s attention. It should be remembered that the Ski Lodge also played an important part in now defunct Boy Meets World.

Everyone is aware that Maya back in the first installment of the TV series had a special affection for Josh. However, the guy was not keen on wooing Maya before because of the girl?s height. ?But in the upcoming episode, it appears that Josh will find himself developing feelings for Maya.

The special connection between the two will bother Lucas so much to the point that he will start asking himself if he loves Maya greater than Riley. Spoilers reported that amid this circumstance, Lucas will be seen kissing a different girl in the show that might confuse the audience even more and complicate things further.

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Catch the series? episode 18 on Disney Channel on Friday.

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