Gilmore Girls Season 8 Spoilers: Why Logan Is The Dad Of Rory’s Baby In Netflix 2016 Reboot

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Gilmore Girls season 8 came in the form of the 2016 Netflix reboot A Day In The Life. Those who followed the last four episodes would know that Rory Gilmore will become a mother soon.

The final scenes of the last episode of Gilmore Girls season 8 showed the soon-to-be mom and her mother, Lorelai. The latter just got married to Luke and talked to her daughter about how she too will find happiness someday. This is when Rory revealed to her mom that she is pregnant.

Alexis Bledel?s character is known for having numerous tumulus relationships. Thus, there are many speculations on who got her pregnant. However, we have narrowed down reasons why it is possible for Logan to be the dad of her baby.


Alexis Bledel’s character Rory Gilmore is pregnant in the show’s 2016 Netflix reboot

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Logan as baby daddy

Prior to the Gilmore Girls 2016 revival, the story ended in 2007 with Rory deciding to be single. She did not end up with the rich kid Logan, who proposed to her but got turned down.

However, the show?s resident bad boy was Rory?s last real relationship. Fans of the series could also tell that she was still in love regardless of the finale?s ending.

Their strong feelings were emphasized when they had an ?agreement? in the Gilmore Girls 2016 reboot. It seemed that the two had a set-up wherein they?re in a relationship ONLY when they are together. During the recent ?Fall? episode, they even shared a ?perfect? night with one another.

Many viewers were also surprised when Logan offered Rory a house. According to him, this is where ?she could write.? However, some would think that he is presenting the idea to her since they are about to have a baby soon.

Nonetheless, fans will need to follow the remaining episodes of Gilmore Girls season 8 to confirm who impregnated Rory.

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Initial baby clues

Spoilers about Rory?s pregnancy in the Gilmore Girls Netflix reboot first started circulating weeks ago.

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One clue came from a teaser in the show?s official Instagram account which showed an apple in the Gilmore household. The family has always been known for being junk food lovers, so fans thought that the healthy snack belonged to a pregnant cast member. ?Lorelai also craved for fruits when she was pregnant herself, so many thought that Rory likely inherited this craving.

Other spoilers were derived from various promotional materials. One was a clip wherein the mother-and-daughter tandem joked about a baby monitor. There was also an Instagram teaser that showed a baby stroller in the reflection of Rory?s mirror.

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