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Gilmore Girls Rory’s Baby Daddy Revealed? Actor Confirms Rumors

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Rory dropped a serious bombshell at the end of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life that left everyone’s jaws on the floor: She was pregnant. But even before we could hear Lorelai ask who the dad is, the sneaky Amy Sherman-Palladino ended the show. And now, months after the revival premiered—just when most of us finally accepted that we’ll never know the identity of Rory’s baby daddy— Milo Ventimiglia has spoken up, narrowing down the options.

During a Gotham-themed panel at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in London, the actor who played Jess in the show confirmed his character is not the mystery man we’ve been looking for. “Just so you know, it’s not Jess’ kid,” Ventimiglia, 39, told the audience.

A former boyfriend of Rory, Jess has been one of the candidates, but the least plausible one. Over the course of the revival, Rory only had sex with three people and he wasn’t one of them. The closest thing the ex-couple made was a longing gaze in the final episode. But no one has ever gotten pregnant from a look, so he was clearly out of the race from the start. Now, it’s finally official.

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So who’s the father?

While this isn’t good news to team Jess, it points out more to what many already suspect: Logan is, in fact, the father. And the evidence comes straight from Sherman-Palladino herself. She previously revealed that Logan and Rory’s arc “intentionally” parallels Christopher and Lorelai’s storyline.

Plus, it appears that Matt Czuchry’s character was the only one Rory has slept with the most (and most frequently) in the revival, making him the baby daddy all the more plausible. Then again, these doesn’t confirm anything. Without an official word directly from the actors or the showrunner, there’s still a chance that Logan isn’t the mystery man.

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We can only hope that Gilmore Girls will be picked up by Netflix. Currently, the streaming service and the creators are still in preliminary talks to bring the show back. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they’ll give it a go. If they do, Rory’s pregnancy is obviously going to play a major role in the new installment, and the father of her baby could be the biggest reveal. What do you think?

Is Logan really the dad? Let us know who your bet is in the comments section below!

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