Gigantic: New Crossed Third-person Shooter Game And Action RPG In The Works By Mortiga?s James Phinney

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Independent developer Motiga just recently made an announcement regarding its newest game for the PC platform, which they entitled Gigantic. According to the developer, the free-to-play title may be a little reminiscent of MOBA, but it does not necessarily mean that it is such. This has then led to mixed comments and confusion among gamers. Fortunately, James Phinney, the Vice President of Product Development at Mortiga, was happy to discuss the title. Phinney, by the way, was Starcraft?s and Guild Wars? original?lead designer.

The first question that was asked of Phinney was how Gigantic is different from the rest of the other MOBA games. “It’s not really a MOBA,” is what he said. He also stated that, “I think when people talk about MOBAs there is a very specific DOTA lineage that they are talking about.”

For those who haven?t had the chance to see the released footage, Gigantic players will assume the role of a solo character. They basically have a 3rd-person camera that is angled behind them, much like the Gears of War. Verticality is one of the features of the gameplay, which means that lock targeting or tab targeting is not available. There are no lanes on the game map either.

Phinney went on to explain that, “What we’re making is a game that’s a cross between a third-person shooter and an action RPG. It’s an attempt to take characters and mechanics from many genres and bring them together in an all-star battle royale”.

The vice president also stated that, “You’ve got a character that clearly takes its lineage from fighting games, or one that takes more of its mechanics from new wave, more recent action-MMO combat, or a character that’s just a straight-up sniper from a shooter. And we bring them all together into a strategic battle. So playing the game, the actual experience of it, is actually not at all like a MOBA?.

Gigantic will launch on 2015 for the PC platform.

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