Giant Vending Machine From China Dispenses Electric Cars

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kandiGiant Vending Machine From China Dispenses Electric Cars

Vending machines have become a part of our lives since….the first century. Really.

The first vending machine was created by Hero of Alexandria, an engineer and mathematician who created a machine that dispensed Holy Water with the drop of a coin.

For the modern world, vending machines have been used for so many products. Food, drinks, underwear, mobile gadgets and…

Yes, there is now a vending machine that dispenses cars. And not just cars but electric cars.

Kandi Technologies, a company from…yes again, China…..has created a giant vending machine that is filled with electric cars. These electric cars can be rented by consumers as part of a sharing program for electric automobiles.

The mega vending machine is located at Hangzhou, in the eastern part of China. In the Kandi facility where the first of the vending ?buildings? have opened, consumers register an account where they are given a user card in which they can avail of a ?Zipcar-style? system of sharing the vehicles.

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Video: ?The Kandi Machine ( Aaron Rockett / YouTube)?


The customers swipe the card in one of the machines found inside the building and automatically, an electric car is delivered on the ground floor which the customer can use for an hour. Cost of the electric car rental per hour is reported at CNY (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) 20.

Kandi Technology plans to open about 50 vending buildings by the first quarter of 2014. Each facility will contain 750 units of electric car garages which can contain a total of One hundred thousand electric cars. And this is in Hangzhou alone.

Kandi Technologies say that they are doing their share in China’s goal to have Two Million electric vehicles operating in Chinese roads by the year 2020.

China embarked on this ambitious goal in order to combat the toxic levels of air pollution and smog that has plagued the country.

Kandi hopes that their electric vehicle sharing system and vending style delivery will convince more people to not only use electric cars but in acquiring the habit of renting vehicles for short term use.





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