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Where to get giant blankets for sale

Feel like you’re getting a warm hug every single time.

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Keep yourself warm with Big Blankets:

  • Ultra-soft, fluffy, and huge blankets 
  • Provide cloud-like comfort
  • Keep the body warm and cozy
  • Suitable for babies, kids, and pets
  • It can be shared with five people

Keeping yourself warm can be a struggle sometimes, especially during colder weather. Blankets are important factors in having a good night’s sleep and relaxing comfortably, though, so you should consider investing in a thick and soft blanket that will provide maximum comfort and protect you from the cold. Enter Big Blanket Co.

These huge and ultrasoft blankets will surely keep you and your family, friends, and even pets warm and cozy! Since a single blanket can comfortably fit up to five people, you can share it with your friends during a sleepover, if you want to cuddle with your loved ones, or submerge yourself in it until you fall asleep.

Their bestseller is the Original Stretch Blanket, which is perfect for movie marathons, campfires, and blanket forts. This 10-feet long and wide throw blanket is made from polyester and spandex, blended with a temperature regulating fabric to prevent you from getting too hot or cold.

It also offers a four-way stretch that is four times softer than standard throw blankets or king-size blankets. The texture is similar to yoga pants, making it super soft and smooth! You can choose from different colors and designs to match your pillowcase or mattress as well.

If you want a fluffier and more breathable blanket, you’ll love the Premier Plush Blanket. This all-season microfiber blanket is wrinkle-resistant and pet-friendly. With its billowed texture and luxuriously plush microfiber, you’ll experience a cloud-like comfort, making it ideal for breakfast in bed and afternoon naps. 

Big Blanket Co also offers Premium Woven Blanket and XL Weighted Blankets, all of which are washing machine-safe and ultra-easy to fold and store.