Ghostbusters Movie Spoilers Leaked Online? Cast Will Not Be Doctors?

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Ghostbusters Movie 2016

The new ?Ghostbusters??movie?is coming this July. It?s one of the most talked about movies today, but they?re not enjoying much positive feedback since the release of the first teaser. Now, someone has leaked spoilers of the reboot online. Could the details released be true?

MovieWeb reports that the first movie trailer uploaded on Sony?s official Youtube page did not do well as expected. A majority of fans appeared to dislike the preview for the classic franchise as the trailer only gained 192, 590 votes for a thumbs up while down votes reached 454, 844.

Meanwhile, a Reddit user claims to have watched the movie in advance and his critique appears to be anticipating a flop. Could he really have seen the movie? And if he really did, how?

According to CinemaBlend, the Reddit user who goes by the name, Stantz1984, was part of the movie?s post production team and has already seen an early version of the entire film. If you want to read possibly legit spoilers of the WHOLE movie, then it?s all there in the Reddit page. But we are yet to confirm all the details as it?s still a few months until the premiere.

In the post, it was mentioned that the original Ghostbusters cast will make a cameo. There will be a lot of easter eggs thrown on the film. He even included the cameo list with Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd and Ann Potts.

As previously announced in reports, the reboot will be an all-female team, and the original cast will not be shown playing their original roles in their cameos. MovieWeb reports that Ernie Hudson was said to be Leslie Jones? uncle, who works at a funeral home. He is the one who supplies the girls with their ghost mobile. While Bill Murray will be playing a skeptic, who would try to prove that the girls are fakes, Sigourney Weaver will be a mentor to Kate McKinnon?s character. Dan Aykroyd will be a cab driver, and Ann Potts will play a hotel lobby clerk. The original cast will not be returning as doctors and will not be seen together. All their cameos will just take more than a few minutes.

It is also mentioned in the Reddit post that the main villain in the movie will be Rowan, who is the iconic ghost in the ?No Ghost? logo of the team and will initially appear as a human. His mission will be to free all tormented souls that the ghost removal team has locked up. He will be possessing Melissa McCarthy and Chris Hemsworth as shown in the trailers.

Whether these spoilers are accurate or not, we just hope the humor will still be there to tickle our bones. Catch the Ghostbusters reboot hitting theatres this July.

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