Ghost Rider: A Role Fit For Norman Reedus?

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Ghost Rider

You could say that Norman Reedus, most famous for playing Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, has already been typecast as the ever loyal crossbow wielding and biker friend of Rick. Fans and followers of AMC?s post apocalyptic hit show might have a hard time seeing Reedus portraying another character. But if he would take a lead role in the form of Ghost Rider, do you think he would fit the role?

IGN reports that Norman Reedus was asked if he would consider playing the character Ghost Rider. He gave a very positive and eager response by saying ?Hell yeah! It would be a blast. Do I get a skull face that?s on fire and all that stuff? F*** yeah, I?m down.? He openly confesses that he was a fan of Nicolas Cage for his role as the Phantom Rider in 2007.

Reedus is a known motorcycle aficionado. Even his character Daryl always preferred using a motorcycle instead of a car. As a matter of fact, Reedus will have his own TV series on AMC entitled ?Ride with Norman Reedus?, which will debut this coming Sunday. What a way to share his passion for two wheels! So it doesn?t come as a surprise why he would be asked about portraying a flaming skeletal superhuman with a bad ass motorcycle.

However, Gamespot says that Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, said that there are no plans as of this time for a remake of the film. It was noted that Marvel got back the movie rights for Ghost Rider way back in 2013.

Having said that, Norman Reedus?a bike enthusiast, motorcycle riding Darryl in TWD, cast in an upcoming AMC TV series about riding motorcycles? he definitely fits the role of Ghost Rider!

With the frenzy that Norman Reedus has created with his open interest to portray the Ghost Rider, ?BossLogic, a graphic designer for Comic Book, wasted no time in coming up with a Norman Reedus version of the Phantom Rider.

What do you think about Norman Reedus? open excitement to portray the Ghost Rider? Do you think he would be able to accomplish or even exceed the performance given by Nicolas Cage? It remains to be seen if it happens.

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