Ghost Recon Wildlands Single Player: Commands For Squadmates In Offline Play

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Ghost Recon Wildlands

In most video games, AI allies often need to have a player command system in order to be of actual help. If not, the players often need to babysit the AI, which could become a dragging escort mission. However, Senior Producer Nouredine Abboud has confirmed a system that?ll make managing Ghost Recon Wildlands Single Player AI allies manageable. Here?s what we know so far about these offline play commands for squadmates.

AI ?Command System

According to the official Ghost Recon Wildlands post last November 11, enemy AIs have been revealed to follow the player?s playstyle in the Ghost Recon Wildlands single player mode. Meanwhile, ally AI can be commanded to use the ?game?s ?command wheel? system, but Ubisoft held off on explaining that part for another time. Players will have to wait for the next Ghost Recon Wildlands post to know the ins and outs of the ?command wheel? system in the game.

Sync Shot

According to an exclusive interview from WeWriteThings, Abboud reveals one of the AI features called ?Sync Shot.? This system could be used to mark enemies in Online Co-Op mode and command the AIs in Solo Mode. Abboud explained that players could mark up to four enemies with the Sync Shot to plan your move. Your AI companions will kill the other targets as you shoot one of the marked enemies.

Easily, this system allows stealthy players to tactically remove specific or a whole set of guards as they move towards their objective. Alternatively, this system could possibly be used in all-out gunfights to request focus fire from the AIs. Potentially, Sync Shot could be enough to manage Ghost Recon Wildlands? single player?s offensive gunplay.

Other AI Systems

More than just shooting enemies, players may also want a positioning command to the AI for long-term plans or just hiding allies from enemy sight. At times, AIs tend to accidentally trigger alarms and get detected if they have bad or buggy programming. Perhaps we?ll be hearing this next set of Ghost Recon Wildlands single player reveals once Ubisoft talks about the ?command wheel? system.

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