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Ghost Recon Wildlands Map Is Big, But Is It Empty?

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Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands? digital recreation of Bolivia is officially the largest open world to ever be featured in a Ubisoft title. Given the developer?s extensive history with the genre ? from the sprawling wilderness? of Far Cry to the urban playgrounds of Assassin?s Creed and Watch Dogs ? this is quite the achievement. However, as the saying goes, size isn?t everything. Sheer square-kilometers mean nothing if the world doesn?t have interesting things to do, and that?s where some Ubisoft titles have struggled in the past.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Not Like Other Ubisoft Open World Games

A common criticism levied at the company?s open world games is how repetitive the gameplay is. Whether it?s Far Cry, Assassin?s Creed, or Watch Dogs, the formula remains the same. First, players must climb a watch tower/church tower/radio tower to uncover sections of the map. Afterward, they can engage in the area?s side missions, which are usually cookie-cutter scenarios. After they tick off all the content in this chunk of the map, it?s time to look for a new vantage point and start the cycle again.

Luckily, it looks like Ghost Recon Wildlands is moving away from the classic Ubisoft open world structure. In an interview with?Gaming Bolt, lead game designer Dominic Butler explained how he and his team are trying to populate their digital recreation of Bolivia with cool things for players to do.

?For us what?s more important than just the size ? obviously the size makes it cool ? it gives us lots of opportunities. It?s set in Bolivia ? a beautiful, intensely rich, varied environment in real life,? said Butler. ?So we are able to leverage that for our game; so we?ve got 11 different ecosystems. What that means is: you?ve got jungle, wildlands, and valleys with not much visibility. It?s going to challenge you as you?re moving through these places; you?re going to need aerial support, it makes way more sense than others.?

Hopefully, Ghost Recon Wildlands can set a new standard for open world titles when it releases next year.

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