Ghost Recon Wildlands: Lack Of Tactical Gameplay Disappoints Fans

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

The release of Ghost Recon Wildlands is still pretty far off. However, some of Ubisoft?s design decisions for the game have fans worried. On the Ubisoft forums, several fans have spoken up about the seeming lack of any tactical depth and strategy in the gameplay snippets shown so far.

Early Ghost Recon Wildlands Footage Is Worrying Fans

In a stickied thread called ?The Problem with Ghost Recon: Wildlands,? original poster Dcopymope said,??I would be so hyped for this game if I had seen any semblance of realism that this series should have been known for, but the game just looks too arcadish to me. Attention to detail is not Ubisoft’s concern as they have proven time and again, so I’m pretty sure there won’t even be any bullet drop with all that open space.?

Fans are also urging Ubisoft to learn from?The Division?s mistakes and include an actual stamina system. Given the numerous modes of transport available to players in Wildlands, limiting how far you can run on foot makes sense.

A debate has also started surrounding the game?s cover mechanics. Ghost Recon Wildlands doesn?t have a traditional snap-to-object cover system. Instead, it uses a more organic version that simply has players crouching near objects to protect themselves. Some players on the forum are happy with this, saying that this, coupled with leaning and peeking-around-corners mechanics, would be the best fit for a game of this style.

However, some gameplay feedback indicates the opposite. In?GameSpot?s appraisal of Ghost Recon Wildlands? E3 build, writer Tamoor Hussain said that the absence of traditional cover system made the gameflow very simplistic.

?Without a cover mechanic, we all just comically ran behind walls and around buildings to avoid damage, popping out to take shots whenever there was a break in enemy fire. It felt more like a run-and-gun shooter than a tactical third-person shooter,? reads his piece on the game.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is still in a pre-alpha state, so Ubisoft still has a lot of time to iron out all the issues. Hopefully the final version that hits store shelves next year will be something gamers will enjoy.

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