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Ghost Recon Wildlands: What Fans Want From Bolivia

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta
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Recently, Ubisoft gave players a taste of Bolivia in the next Ghost Recon game by giving players a glimpse of the complete map. The tease was enough to excite would-be players and knowing how diverse the open world is made us want the game even more. Now that we have an idea of what to expect from Bolivia, there are a few features that players want for the Ghost Recon Wildlands open world.

Bustling Towns

A huge and diverse open-world would feel pretty useless if it?s barren. While nature and other natural beauties are good for the eyes, players might feel pretty isolated if there aren?t any towns or villages in Bolivia. It would be nice if Ubisoft will add several towns and villages to the map that are filled with NPCs to interact and trade with. It would give players a better playing experience by making the world feel less empty.

High Density

What Fallout 4?s Commonwealth lacked in landmass, it made up for with density. The entire map of Fallout 4 can be walked from one end to the other in a couple of minutes. It surely isn?t the biggest map but it does have huge dungeons to explore. On the other hand, Xenoblade Chronicles X?s Mira was a pretty huge world. However, there are no dungeons to explore. What fans would want in Ghost Recon Wildlands is a mix of both density and huge landmass.

Tons Of Collectibles

It wouldn?t be a Ubisoft open world if there are no collectibles in it. Having a lot of collectibles would give players a lot of things to do post game and it would make exploring Bolivia more rewarding.

We?re expecting more Ghost Recon Wildlands news early next year as the game is nearing its March release date. Hopefully, Ubisoft focuses more on the open world again.

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