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Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts: Everything We Know So Far

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts
Artwork For The New Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts DLC [Image Courtesy Of Ubisoft]

Ubisoft recently unveiled the next DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands and they are looking to make up for the criticisms raised with the previous DLC. Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts launches later this month and it has the potential to bring back players to the game. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming DLC.

Release Details

Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts launches this May 30 and it’s the second expansion for the game. We’ve yet to know just how big a space the DLC will require at launch but from the look of things, Fallen Ghosts could take up quite the space as it could be potentially bigger than the Narco Road DLC.


The Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts DLC takes place after the main game’s story. “Following the fall of the Santa Blanca Cartel, the Unidad military force is having a hard time maintaining stability – causing our fictionalized Bolivia to descend into civil war. In a bid to restore order, they issue a call to arms: anyone willing to help rebuild the country is welcome to join,” says Ubisoft on their website.

Players will go up against a new faction called the Los Extranjeros. This group is comprised of elite individuals who are not you run-of-the-mill soldiers. Players will go up against four types of the Los Extranjeros which are the Armored, Elite Snipers, Jammers and Covert Ops. Each are going to give players a tough time in their own way.

The Armored are soldiers equipped with heavy plates protecting them, which makes these foes dangerous up close. The Elite Snipers, true to their name, are snipers with advance movement detectors that allow them to hit with more accuracy. Jammers, on the other hand, can render the gadget of Ghosts useless. Last but not the least are the Covert Ops that are on the stealthy side.


Fallen Ghosts will have a total of 15 campaign missions which requires players to kill 4 new bosses across 3 new regions. What makes the DLC interesting is that Ubisoft is keeps on teasing us that the Lost Extranjeros have the Ghosts outnumbered and outgunned. In the DLC, players will have to employ a lot of tactics to get the job done.

There are other new things coming with the DLC including new weapons. It’s sizing up to be a decent DLC as compared to Narco Road, but we’ll have to wait for more details.

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