Ghost Recon Wildlands Endgame: Different From The Division, More Similar To Assassin’s Creed And Far Cry, Says Ubisoft

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Ghost Recon Wildlands

Recently, an interview with Ghost Recon Wildlands senior game designer Matthew Tomkinson confirmed that their third-person shooter will have a skill-focused endgame. This is entirely different from Tom Clancy?s The Division whose end game focuses on players having the best equipment.

Skill-based Endgame

At the four-minute mark of the video from CerealKillerz, Tomkinson explained that the Ghost Recon Wildlands endgame is about ?your skills as a player.? Despite having an equipment progression system, Ghost Recon Wildlands won?t have an equipment and grinding-focused endgame just like in The Division.

?So the game is very different from The Division because The Division is more focused on the grinding,” Tomkinson told CerealKillerz. “Here it is more similar to an Assassin?s Creed game or a Far Cry game in the end.?

Players will have to rely on their creativity and ingenuity?to accomplish the game?s missions according to how they want it. Additionally, Tomkinson also mentioned that the game?s multiplayer is one of its great features.

Insert Operation Here

Previously, Ghost Recon Wildlands was teased to have a custom mission system where players could decide the mission?s end objectives and overall operation procedures. Fans will have to wait and see if it will feature an interesting endgame gameplay and multiple endings to reward different playstyles in operations.


Assassin?s Creed and Far Cry mostly had a free-roam and a single player adventure experience rolled into one. Players would be placed in a large map with main and side quests to do in order to advance the story or their character progression. In Ghost Recon Wildlands, players will be the Ghosts who are expected to take down the Santa Blanca Cartel. Tomkinson said that the game will have at least ?25 different games inside one,? so there could be 25 bosses scattered in Bolivia?s provinces.

Ghost Recon Wildlands may have boss battles in the form of more difficult missions which heavily affect the operations of Santa Blanca Cartel. The upcoming game may just be a more tactical adventure experience instead of players enjoying the world of an established hero. Stay updated for more Ghost Recon Wildlands news here on TheBitBag.

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