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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Differences From The Division Discussed By Ubisoft

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Had The Division not been released, Ghost Recon Wildlands would be anticipated by most fans of Tom Clancy games, along with those that enjoy tactical shooters. Now that The Division has been released, however, many fans are wondering how the shooter will differentiate itself from it, since both of them are Tom Clancy titles and have multiplayer capability.

When Ubisoft was asked by Segment Next if the new Ghost Recon game was influenced by their big multiplayer shooter, they denied it. Both games are supposedly very different, which is good news for those who didn’t particularly enjoy The Division or those who want something different.

Comparisons between Ghost Recon Wildlands and The Division started when it was revealed that the new Tom Clancy shooter ditched tactical gameplay and has running animations similar to the aforementioned hit game. Ubisoft said that the footage with the similar running animation was a pre-alpha build and that the final game would have smoother running, which is good.

There is also a progression system, which has also been compared to The Division. Ubisoft claimed that it is too early to discuss the progression system in Wildlands but once again stated that the two shooters are different from each other, aside from the Tom Clancy brand being front and center in their titles.

Does this look like The Division?

It’s somewhat comedic how Ghost Recon games have actually been around longer than The Division, but now the latest entry in the series is being compared to Ubisoft’s newer property. Wildlands does have major differences, like how it’s set in a different country and has a proper single-player mode. The Division is more multiplayer-centric, while this and previous Ghost Recon games have always had single-player support.

Will Wildlands be a better game than The Division? We will have to wait and see. Despite The Division selling a lot of copies, some fans have grown tired of the game, so it might not be too hard to beat the multiplayer shooter in terms of quality.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will come out on March 7, 2017 PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The game is now available for pre-order.

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