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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Features Ubisoft Should Add Next To Compensate For Narco Road

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road Trailer Screenshot
One Of The DLC Pieces For Ghost Recon Wildlands [Image Captured From Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road Trailer]

The Narco Road DLC for the latest Ghost Recon entry failed to reach expectations and the game’s community were outraged. While we’ve yet to know how Ubisoft is handling the negative feedback, it’s obvious that they should make up for Narco Road. Ubisoft should at least do something for Ghost Recon Wildlands players soon.

If the Narco Road DLC was a free add-on for the game, it wouldn’t be a such a big issue. The problem isn’t only the fact that the DLC was poorly made, the expansion was also sold for a whopping $14.99. If Ubisoft wants to keep the fans happy, they should add these new features in the next major update for Ghost Recon Wildlands.


Up to now, Ubisoft is yet to fully detail the PvP content for Ghost Recon Wildlands. The best players could do in terms of multiplayer is play cooperatively with others. While co-op gameplay is fun and all, players are still going to look for some intense firefights with other players through PVP.

Adding PvP at this point in time could somewhat make up for the Narco Road blunder as fans will have other things to do than play through the DLC. Since PVP was already confirmed by Ubisoft before, all that’s left is for us to wait for it to launch and now’s a better time than ever.

Vehicle Handling Fix

Surprisingly, Ubisoft still didn’t upgrade the vehicle handling in the game despite Narco Road adding a few new vehicles to the game. The game’s driving mechanics have long been an issue in the game that Ubisoft has yet to address. Many fans expected Narco Road to have new driving mechanics but to their disappointment, there wasn’t any changes. Things aren’t too late for Ubisoft though as they could still tweak the game’s driving mechanics.

In-Game Rewards

To really make up for what Ubisoft has done with the Narco Road DLC, they could give the Narco Road and season pass owners a few in-game items to compensate for it. The items could range from new weapons to gears and vehicles. While these might not be enough for the money that players’ spent for the DLC, it’ll be a good way for Ubisoft to show that they are sorry for the issue.

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