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Ghost Recon Wildlands: Another Rehashed Far Cry And The Division Game From Ubisoft?

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Ubisoft has been a polarizing figure in the games industry as of late. The company seems to be very franchise-focused, often making new IP just so they can make sequels about them. Their Tom Clancy games have received a mixed reaction in the past as well, which may haunt the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands.

A former fan of the publisher recently took to their forums and noticed how the company’s games have started to blend together, almost as if they’re too much alike. The Crew having similarities to Watch Dogs was one example, and some fans still haven’t forgotten how Far Cry: Primal actually used maps from Far Cry 4.

It seems like Ghost Recon Wildlands will have the standard open-world Ubisoft formula. Players explore places, they find a tower that reveals most of the world in a specific area, and more towers must be found in order to find every area in the game. Some of it might be in third-person, while others are in first-person, but it’s become a recurring theme in Ubisoft games.

From Far Cry to Assassin’s Creed, it seems like Ubisoft may have gone overboard with open-world gaming. This trend won’t be stopping anytime soon either, since the company plans on releasing Watch Dogs 2 next year, which will supposedly be bigger than the previous game, which was already pretty big.

The Tom Clancy games don’t appear to be safe from this formula either, since The Division also had an open-world gameplay as well. While the settings themselves are pretty different, the fact that there are so many open-world games from the same company shows that their games have become formulaic. The Assassin’s Creed series in particular had yearly installments at one point, with fans comparing it to the NBA or WWE series.

Even though it might have all the Ubisoft cliches, there’s a decent chance that Ghost Recon Wildlands could still be successful. The company’s Tom Clancy games have been fairly successful thus far, and it seems like Ghost Recon Wildlands will do the same. Fans will continue to be divided over Ubisoft, so it will be interesting to see if they plan on changing their ways anytime soon.

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