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Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex: Online FPS Revealed, ?It?s Going To Be Free!?

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A new game will be fully revealed for the Ghost in the Shell series, and it?s going to be free.

Nexon; an MMO publisher known for its free-to-play online games has announced a new tactical first person shooter based on the popular Ghost in the Shell franchise and it has a mouthful title: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ? First Assault Online or in a much shorter form; GitS: SAC ? FAO or just simply call it First Assault, it will be developed by Neople. The game is scheduled to be available by next year and will have eight playable characters, each with customizable ?specialized augmented bodies?, weapon attachments and enhanced abilities. There is a new feature called the SkillSync; where it allows players to share their cyber-abilities with teammates to create deadly skill combinations on matches. No other details were revealed but a trailer was uploaded to show some of its gameplay footage, you can check out the trailer below for more of the action.

The Ghost in the Shell franchise was originally a manga that was published in 1989 and ran until 1990 where it was then adapted to an animated movie in 1995 which helped solidify the cyberpunk genre. It has also span a series of spin-offs and animated series with the most recent was Ghost in the Shell: Arise in 2013. The Ghost in the Shell has previously launched a series of video games with the first being released on the PlayStation in 1997 from Exact followed by the Stand Alone Complex games for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex ? First Assault Online will also be having its closed beta session on October 1 to 4. You can start registering right now for a chance to get in to the closed beta test by going here

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