[Watch] Ghost in the Shell 2017 Official Teaser Trailer #1: So Sci-Fi It Hurts

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Ghost in the Shell 2017 Official Teaser Trailer

The official teaser trailer for the Ghost in the Shell 2017 Movie has been released a few days ago and we could not contain our excitement. Scarlett Johansson looked very alluring as the Major while the rest of the visuals are astounding under its ominous lighting. The teaser trailer, despite the lack of dialogue, gives off a promising feeling of a good action, sci-fi thriller that is set to break Hollywood?s curse on Japanese anime live-action adaptations. Well, we hope so! See video below for the trailer.

The 2017 live-action adaptation, directed by Rupert Sanders, is set to follow the original manga series. The story will focus on the Major and her mission to stop the most dangerous criminals as well as fight against a new enemy that threatens to sabotage Hanka Robotic?s Artificial Intelligence technology.

Here are some of the cast members of Ghost in the Shell 2017

  • Scarlett Johansson (Avengers; Lucy) as the Major
  • Pilou Asb?k (Game of Thrones) as Batou
  • Michael Pitt (NBC?s Hannibal) as The Laughing Man / Kuze
  • Takeshi Kitano as (Zatoichi) Chief Daisuke Aramaki
  • Chin Han (Independence Day 2015) as Togusa
  • Lasarus Ratuere (The Mule) as Ishikawa
  • Juliette Binoche (Slack Bay) as Dr. Ouelet

Ghost in the Shell 2017 Official Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer opens with a geisha or girl in kimono walking across a hallway with lighted floor panels. At first we can only see her back, but then when the camera shows the face, it is painted like a geisha, however, her eyes are completely black. Like how you would imagine alien eyes but a bit chinky. Then it transitions to the Major, perhaps on a time of her awakening. Another female asks her, ?what are you??

Watch it here:

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