Getting the Life That You Want in ‘Second Life’

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There’s this game that has been quite around for some time now, but still continually driving attention from its players who wish to create a better representation of themselves in a world which is more ideal in nature. A world where they can be more in-control,?where the players become sexier, hotter, more confident, cooler than their actual self and more adored. The whole setting is already familiar to some regarding how the game of Second Life runs.

In this game, you create an “avatar” that represents you, and it could be in any form you want: whether a living, non-living or even abstract in nature. Creating your avatar is generally free, unless you choose the ones that are purchased (pre-made), and may take a considerable amount of time depending on user preferences. You will also be prompted to choose whether you would allow mature content, or not.

The whole set up is free flowing, allowing your avatar to interact with the other players through chat, instant messaging, or voice. There?are?no such pre-defined goals or rules in order to win, but this game more likely wants to nurture the thinking of its player through pleasing his or her idea of the universe.

As the avatar goes on in the game, he can run, fly, teleport, buy things, party all night, watch live bands, go on a date and do all other real-life activities with realtime conversation, with the other avatars he meets. The game allows the player to get really engaged in a virtual location together with the other player who may share the same thoughts and ideals. There were available documentaries in YouTube which pointed out realities of virtual addiction, adulteries and the likes, since the idea of ?“a perfect life” is possible though this game. Without control of one?s exposure to the game, a player can lose track of his?real life and go on living the life in this virtual reality.

To highlight, this game is really engaging, if not addicting. Being able to live in the perfect set up and having more control is what every human being longs for. With this liberty at hand, it is still very important that the players abide with the rules about mature content and restricted areas, otherwise your PC can be banned once reported and tracked.

You wouldn’t want to be left playing solitaire instead, when your PC is banned in Second Life.

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