Get Your Smartphone Customized: 5 Best Android Launchers

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Are you tired of looking at the plain appearance of you smartphone and feel bored of its same look? Well, I think it?s now time to give your beloved phone a ?change? ? get it customized by downloading one of these five best android launchers available in the PlayStore and be amazed at how it will instantly turn your smartphone from being just-plain to classy.

First on the list is the Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher, today, is named as the best among the best android launchers by many. It gained a lot of positive reviews coming from its downloaders. It was developed by TeslaCoil Software and was made available for android version 4.0 and above. As stated in its description in the PlayStore, it ?replaces your home screen with one you control and customize.?

It is capable of changing your phones? themes (color and icons), layouts, animations and more. It gives a highlighted accent of color and offers over thousands of icon themes. Its Subgrid Positioning feature allows the downloader to re-position his/her icons or widgets halfway through your home grid cells. While its feature called Customize App Drawer includes custom tabs, vertical or horizontal scrolling and effects. Other features of Nova Launcher include infinite scroll, backup and restore, scrollable dock, widgets in dock and importing of layout.

A of now, Nova Launcher which already has 10 million downloads, is for free but it also has a paid version called Nova Launcher Prime which presents additional features such as gestures, unread counts, custom drawer apps, hide apps, icon swipes and more scroll effects.

Another launcher that hit 10 million downloads is the ADW Launcher by AnderWeb. This application is for free and was made for the benefit of the android version 1.6 to 4.1 users. Its PlayStore description says ?highly customizable home replacement application.? Home replacement application is an android application which will still run even when you press your android phone?s home key.

It proffers thousands of themes and skins with a support for other famous launcher themes. It can configure your applications in unlimited groups and can also hide unwanted apps. Other things which this launcher offer is fast setup screen with fast access, gestures, configurable action bar, and screen editor: add, remove, swap and resize your screens. It also has a new AppWidget, AppWidget resizing and AppWidget backup and restore (but only for android version 4.1 and above).

Next in line is the Apex Launcher by Android Does. This launcher which gathered 5 million downloads already, was created to let you experience a customizable homescreen, scrollable dock, infinite and elastic scrolling, fancy transition effects, customizable icons and labels for shortcut and folders. Just like the earlier mentioned launchers, it can also hide apps, customizable icons and labels for shortcuts and folders. This app also contains multiple drawer styles, homescreen gestures, backup and restore settings, etc.

Just like Nova, it is also free but it also has its paid version called Apex Launcher Pro, which gives powerful drawer customizations with unlimited drawer tabs and folders in drawer), unread count notifications, dock swipe actions, more options for gestures including two-finger gestures, additional transition effects, enhanced folder support advanced widget options and more.

With over 5million downloads, Launcher 8 belonged to the best android launchers so far. This app was developed by Qihang Dev Team and was described as ?a great app for you to experience the brand new style UI on your Android mobile phone.?

Launcher 8 features different size tiles, variety of color tile, saving and restoring of theme, editing of the start screen layout, setting of the current background style, switching the application list style, adding of Android widgets in the tiles and setting of wp8 style lock screen and status bar. It also gives more than a hundred kinds of theme colors as well as adding a special feature of LED light, live gallery and Live Contact.

Last but definitely not the least is the GO Launcher Ex by the GO Launcher Dev Team. It seems to be an ?old? type of launcher but based on the number of downloads which reached 100 million, it appears to be the most famous above all the apps in terms of customization.

GO Launcher Ex is a free app which features lots of personalized themes in different colors, smooth transition and animation, custom gestures. It also presents GO widgets including weather, switcher, calendar, etc. It has strong and efficient app management functions that consist of sorting, hiding of apps and even searching, refreshing and cleaning the memory.

Now that you know the 5 best android launchers, which launcher are you going to pick for your smartphone? One thing is for sure, all of these will really satisfy your needs when it comes to customizing, personalizing and spicing up your beloved gadget.

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