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Get your child to sleep the fastest way using this 3-in1 sleep-control device

It comes with fun light colors to train your child when it’s time to wake up

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  • 11 Soothing Sounds
  • Customizable Nightlight
  • Sleep Programs
  • Time-To-Rise
  • Simple Companion App
As parents, it is necessary to acquaint children with healthy sleeping patterns to support their growth and development. And with the unhampered rise of technology, there’s no way you won’t find a perfect way to get your little one to sleep.

you’re a parent who still struggles in these aspects, keep reading because I will show you one innovation that’ll change your parenthood stage forever. Meet Hatch Rest Baby Night Light, the perfect way to healthy and dreamy nights of sleep.

One of the most fulfilling moments as a parent is to see your child sleep peacefully. And now, with Hatch Rest Baby Night Light, nights like this are never far from possible. This device aims to develop your little one’s sleeping habits, maximizing his growth. It comes with programs that manipulate bedtime, nap time, and waking up. These features will help develop a healthy sleeping routine for him.

How do I use it?
The good thing about Hatch Rest is all its functions are accessible through your iOS and Android smartphones. All you need is to download its application and control the device wherever you are. Using your phone as a remote device, you can set your child’s sleeping and waking times, modify the device’s light and the sounds that come with it.

What sounds does it have?
All of Hatch Rest’s sounds are soothing to your baby’s ears. You can choose among:

  • Rain
  • Cricket
  • Birds
  • White noise
  • Water stream
  • Ocean
  • Dryer
  • Wind, and three more lullabies

Does it make stubborn alarm noises?
You don’t need to wake up your child the way you set dozens of alarms for work. Hatch Rest wakes your baby using 10 night light presets and an in-app color wheel to get them into a peaceful mood every morning. Learn to play these lights and develop a mix your child will always love.


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