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Get To Know The Top Android Launchers

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The good thing about Android is that you can nearly customize everything in your device?s operating system to fit how you use it. The only thing that you need is a launcher ? an app that lets you modify your device?s home screen.

Roughly, there are two kinds of launchers available, and that is the ?smart? home screen replacements, and design launchers. And today, we are going to walk you through the top titles in each category.


Let?s start with a design launcher. For the last few years, the Nova Launcher has been a popular choice. It is a free app that lets you alter the scrolling effect of your device and it also lets you change the number of the apps you can fit on your device?s home screen.
Nova can also maintain your device?s aesthetic with wallpapers, widgets and icon packs.
The free app also offers a paid app called Prime. This is going to add gesture controls and it will make it possible to hide apps.

Themer will be an ideal design launcher for you if you want to change your handset?s look without a hassle. The Themer launcher was built by Mycolorscreen, which runs a website that highlights custom designs for Android. The app comes with more than a hundred themes that you?ll be able to use with a few taps.

Now, let?s jump onto the ?smart? home screen replacements. These kinds of apps learns what info and applications you need throughout the day, and it will display it for you.
Aviate, which is owned by Yahoo! ? keeps things tidy by organizing all your apps into boxes, and it will display a collection of apps when you need them.
E.g.: Music apps will appear when you plug in your headphones. Likewise, when you get to the office, the app will display your e-mail, to-do list and calendar apps.

This home screen replacement app is a newcomer, and it is one of the most understated. Terrain will leave your device?s home screen almost uncluttered. The app hides away important information in easy-access menus? on both sides of your device?s screen.
Also, there will be a space for you to add widgets such as, calendars, settings or stories from your favorite websites on one side, and on the other, will be your app drawer. You may be able to see all your device?s apps here, organized in an alphabetical list.


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