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The tagline on the AMD website goes ?the competition is green with envy?, a play on words at NVidia?s color. If that?s any indication of how good the AMD Radeon R9 285 will be, that?s because it probably is. It?s faster than the NVidia GTX 760, according to AMD, and it?s probably because they designed it with one thing in mind: PC games.

That single-minded focus probably did a lot more than produce a good graphics card.

The AMD R9 285 was Radeon?s offering during the 30th year of graphics that AMD celebrated last Saturday, August 23. This is one of the monsters Radeon?s offering for desktop cards, and is likely based on the all-new Tonga Pro GPU. As seen on the AMD website, it?s also loaded with AMD?s latest Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. What does this mean? Well, for starters, different screen resolutions used with the graphics card won?t be a problem. For players who want their games extra wide, AMD?s Eyefinity technology comes with this graphics card, as well as AMD?s Mantle API.

The event, which AMD was a part of, drew a lot of debuting processor lines. In this article from Digital Trends, Athlon was there to make good on its acquisition of ATI. There were also festivities which featured special guests, along with never-before heard stories. These stories might have been innovations, take-overs, and the like, and possibly some more releases such as AMD?s R9 285.

The R9 285 is all 190-watts of pure graphics power. A PCI Express 3.0 board, it also features a pair of six-pin power connectors. This is well in line with the predecessor of the 285, the AMD R9 280. There are some specs, available thanks to Wall Street OTC:

The AMD R9 285

  • 3.29 teraFLOPS of computing performance. Clock speed of up to 918 MHz
  • Full length display port featuring two DVI outputs and a HDMI port.
  • Uses approximately 2GB of GDDR5 memory spread among a 256-bit memory interface.
  • Supports Mantle API and AMD?s TrueAudio Technology Support
  • Uses 190W of power, as compared to the 280?s 250W.

The AMD R9 285 will be coming out on September 2, 2014, priced at $249. According to Digital Trends, coupled with the release of the card itself, AMD will also be including games with the bundle, each tied up to a different card in their R9 series.

Digital Trends mentioned that the two included games will be ?Alien: Isolation? and ?Star Citizen?. The Alien game is set 15 years after we first meet Ripley. The protagonist will be Amanda Ripley, her daughter, as she tries to survive the different threats brought about by the Xenomorphs. Star Citizen, in contrast, is a space-simulation adventure. It was earlier reported that Star Citizen was meant for graphics cards like the R9 285, as lower cards will have a hard time running the game.


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