Get through days and nights with peace of mind and less worries about your baby

This two-way baby monitor is your extra eyes and ears to your little one wherever you are

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Having a baby means having someone to constantly watch over 24/7. As a parent, it’s only natural that you want to make sure your baby is safe and far from danger. However, constantly stepping into the nursery to see what they’re doing might interrupt their sleep. The good news is the days of tiptoeing every single time to check on your baby are now over. Thanks to this two-way digital infant monitor, you now have extra eyes and ears watching over your baby wherever you are at home!

What is this VB603 Intelligent Digital No Wire Infant Monitor all about?

VB603 Intelligent Digital No Wire Infant Monitor is engineered to make families’ lives easier and convenient by providing parents a 24/7 view of their baby no matter where they are at home. It is designed with a digital display, two-way radio, temperature monitoring, built-in lullabies, automatic night vision, and voice control function.

What makes this baby monitor different from others in the market?

Unlike the typical baby monitors, this model is something that parents would love because it also allows them to talk back to their baby. That’s right! The two-way audio between the camera and monitor gives you the ability to converse with your little one from any location at home.

And not only that, sending your baby to a good and restful sleep can now be done remotely. Thanks to the built-in lullabies and temperature monitoring, you can comfort your little one to a deep rest while making sure their room is conducive to sleep.

What are the specific features offered by this infant monitor?

+ High contrast LCD 3.2in large screen and clear digital display
+ High definition bright color which restores vivid infant pictures
+ Two-way radio between monitor and camera
+ Temperature monitoring, adjusting the room temperature remotely
+ Built-in 8 lullabies in the camera
+ Multiple languages support, English, French, Spanish, German and so on.
+ Energy saving, no need to charge the monitor cell for the whole night in voice control mode.
+ Built-in large diameter speaker, noise reduction sound quality


With this infant monitor, you can now keep an eye over your baby all day, everyday and enjoy a relaxing night with less worries and stress and more rest.