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Subscription BoxSubscription Box

Get the right selection of natural dog treats delivered right to your doggy house!

Health-conscious pet owners can now afford natural dog treats that they can barkin’ trust.

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This newly launched dog treats brand, Big Lu Dog Treats, brings the joy of natural treats to dogs by making their artisanal, all-natural chews affordable and accessible across America. Their products are handmade by specially trained bakers and undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure exemplary quality, using the highest quality of ethically sourced protein.

Part of their offerings is the Butcher Box — a subscription box filled with delicious and premium quality meaty dog treats such as beef burgers, beef sausages, venison sausages, and a great variety of unprocessed, wholesome treats and chews.

The protein-packed treats and chews can improve your furry pet’s dental health. Thanks to the fibrous nature of animal skins and organ tissue in these products make Big Lu’s dog treats highly effective at scraping away plaque and tartar.

Big Lu Dog Treats are not just offering one kind of subscription box.
They also have four fun and convenient subscription boxes for all types of doggos; the butcher box, jerky box, ear lover’s box, and the party box. You can have your subscriptions go your way every week, every two weeks, or once a month. The choice is yours!

You no longer have to dream of a world where your barking pet can always have natural, healthy, and conveniently assorted dog treats because now, there’s Big Lu that delivers these healthy treats right to your home, without you stressing about it.

$39.9930% off use code: SPRINGSALE30 until May 1, 2021 only!

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