Get the restful sleep you deserve night after night with the most relaxing pillowcase you’ll ever own

This CBD-infused pillowcase can transform sleepless nights into restful nights

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Falling fast asleep and staying in a deep sleep throughout the night sometimes doesn’t come so easily. You know the nights when you keep tossing and turning and your eyes are still wide open no matter how exhausted you were from work. And it’s utterly frustrating. And we know the feeling.

If you’ve been struggling with getting a good rest at night, you’re not alone. But who says you’ll always have to endure sleepless nights when you can actually do something about them? A CBD-infused pillowcase, for example?
CBD-infused products have been increasing in popularity and there’s no need to wonder why. CBD products are healthy and excellent solutions to help people fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. From topicals, gummies, tinctures – there’s a wide variety of CBD products being used by people nowadays, but this CBD-infused pillowcase is definitely a game-changer!

The CBD Pillowcase is the most relaxing pillowcase you’ll ever own. It’s certainly not just like a typical pillowcase because it contains a fresh serving of millions of microcapsules filled with certified pure CBD. This way, you’ll never have to keep tossing and turning at night ever again!

How does it work?

The CBD Pillowcase uses microencapsulation technology. Each pillowcase has millions of microcapsules filled with an average of 150mg of CBD that’s bonded to the fabric of the pillowcase. It’s pressure-sensitive, so the microcapsules burst when you apply pressure to the pillowcase, and the CBD is released and absorbed through your skin and hair follicles all night while you sleep similar to a topical. It’s designed for microdosing of CBD over an extended period of time.

The CBD Pillowcase can be used like your ordinary pillowcase. Simply unzip your current CBD Pillow cover, remove it, and replace it with a new CBD Pillow Pillowcase. It’s also recommended to replace your cover every 3 to 6 months to replenish the amount of CBD contained in your CBD Pillow.

Ready to get cozy and enjoy better quality sleep at night? You should give The CBD Pillowcase a try!

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