Get rid of pet hair fast and easy with this smart robot vacuum

On top of keeping the house clean, this robot can get rid of more pet hair than you ever thought possible!

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Many people love having pets around the house, especially those fluffy, furry cute ones. But while having pets is great, keeping up with their hair isn’t so great at all. Indeed, one of the things you’ll have to deal with as a pet owner is the amount of fur your cat or dog sheds on a daily basis. But who says you’ll have to stress out so much about it when you can get a vacuum that will do the job? This is where Neato D6 Intelligent Robot Vacuum comes in handy!

What does Neato D6 Intelligent Robot Vacuum do?

Neato D6 Intelligent Robot Vacuum is engineered to help you get rid of pet hair along with picking up dirt around your home. It is designed to thoroughly rid of more pet hair than you ever thought possible with the help of its new core brush that’s 70% bigger than other robots.

What makes this robot vacuum different from others?

Unlike other round robot vacuums, this vacuum is installed with an ultra-performance filter that can trap allergens and dust too tiny for your naked eye to see. It uses LaserSmart technology scans and maps to efficiently navigate your entire house.

With Neato D6, you can decide which areas in your home you want it to clean. You can set up No-Go Lines to define the boundaries and areas it’s not allowed to go. Aside from pet hair, this robot vacuum can trap allergens and as much as 99.5% of tiny dust mites.
Specific features you’ll love about Neato:
  • Pet hair and tough debris picked up with ease
  • LaserSmart technology intelligently navigates your home
  • No-Go Lines keep your robot from disturbing your pets
  • Floor-by-floor cleaning plans customized for multi-story homes
  • Up to 120 minutes of battery life, perfect for large homes
So if you’re looking for a vacuum that’s perfect for you and your pet, you know this one’s got to be an excellent choice!