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Get rid of noxious odors and breathe healthier with the help of this premier air-purifying solution.

This product comes with UV bulbs that provide a more intense system cleaning.

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With Coronavirus being prevalent for more than a year now, people can’t help but find ways to prevent and battle the virus. And since this disease is airborne and can spread quickly, there is no better way to counter it than with EnviroKlenz.


The EnviroKlenz Air System Plus can be your ultimate air-purifying defense not only against airborne diseases but for improving the atmosphere in your home as well. This product uses a military-grade cartridge filter responsible for eliminating toxic odors and harmful chemicals. That way, you get to remove allergens, dust, and other microorganisms from your system.


What’s good about this is that it comes with a four-speed blower fit from near-silent operation to residential and commercial use. Plus, its medium and high blower speeds promote maximum air efficiency.


Unlike regular air purifiers, EnviroKlenz features two UV-C lamps that provide better internal cleaning of the system. Should you want to know when you will have to replace these bulbs, check on the machine’s indicator.


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