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How To Get Overwatch Sombra For Free On PS4, Xbox One and PC

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Overwatch Sombra

Overwatch is certainly one of the most popular multiplayer games right now. The masterpiece from Blizzard Entertainment has captured the attention of first person shooter game fanatics all over the world. Those who have been waiting excitedly for the Overwatch Sombra update are in luck as gamers can try out the new hero right now after installing the latest update.

There are countless great heroes in Overwatch and Blizzard just added another one to the roster with the latest Sombra update. Sombra was initially unveiled earlier during BlizzCon and Overwatch fans were extremely excited to try the new hero out.

Thankfully, gamers can now try out Sombra in the game as the latest Overwatch update added the new hero to the roster, as reported by Polygon. The update is available for all gaming platforms already, particularly the PS4, Xbox One and for Windows PC.

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Sombra is considered by many as one of the more powerful and exciting heroes in the game. She is described as being a ?powerful infiltrator? which is certainly an asset that makes her a great hacker. She can even hack enemies which prevents other heroes from using their abilities.

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Aside from adding Sombra to the game, the Update 1.5 adds several other changes to the game. According to the same report from Polygon, the update adds the new Ecopoint: Antarctica map to the game. It also introduces the new Arcade mode which introduces alternate game modes that give players an opportunity to earn extra experience and get items.

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With a new map, a new game mode and a brand new hero, the latest Overwatch update is certainly something that fans of the game should get right away. Be sure to try Sombra right away once you have the update installed so that you can see just how strong and powerful the new Overwatch hero really is.

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You can get the Overwatch Sombra update for free on the Xbox One, PS4 and on Windows PC. All you would have to do is to run the game on whichever platform you are using and then search for the latest Overwatch update which will include the highly anticipated hero which is Sombra.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Overwatch as well as on other great games which are releasing soon.

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