Get matchy matchy with your mom in dainty jewelry gifts that oozes love & intention

Get matching bracelets or coordinating mother-daughter necklaces, so you can both carry a reminder of your special bond – whether you’re physically near each other or not.

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Loving yourself requires daily practice, but most moms tend to forget this because they give unconditional love to their children. Moms need all the affirmation they can get because they tend to forget themselves. But now it’s time for you to give that love back with gifts that tell them they are worthy, they are loved, and they are enough.

MaeMae Jewelry has a curated collection of dainty jewelry and lifestyle enhancers that will make any mother’s heart swell with love. From simple matching bracelet sets to Crystal Flower and Flower Petal Mother Daughter Necklaces, you can find the perfect gift that will remind her of your love and the role she fulfills in your life.

Each piece of these heartfelt gifts comes with an affirmation card and ships in a beautiful gift box so you can guarantee that your intention of making her feel loved and special are translated perfectly by their jewelry.

This brilliant idea of gifting is realized by Rheena Mae when she felt the power in affirmation jewelry and created “I Am Enough” bracelet for herself. Now, along with her co-owner, Heidi Linnebach, MaeMae has over 125 different affirmations to offer, and remains committed to creating Jewelry that Loves you Back!

The brand’s vision is that every wearer of their handmade jewelry will create and cherish moments of affirmation, acceptance, sharing love – every day. That’s why they release collections based on feelings specifically to support and help you through life’s journeys.

Whether you are looking to give your mom a gift for spiritual alignment, protection, or a simple feel-good and delicate stone bracelet, you can look to MaeMae Jewelry for your next affirmation jewelry.

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