Get images, art or logos printed on any surface anytime, anywhere with this uber handy printer!

Now you can print anything anywhere you like in as fast as seconds without a fuss

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Remember the days when you’d usually print photos of your dear loved ones to keep in your wallet or have these wallet-sized images posted on your bedroom wall? Or having to go the extra mile of printing tons of stickers and logos for your brand and manually stick them on your merchandise? Well, things shouldn’t have to be so hard by now!

Thanks to Selpic S1+ Print Head Handy Printer, printing can be easily done in the palm of your hand!

What is this Selpic S1+ Print Head Handy Printer all about?

Selpic S1+ Print Head Handy Printer is designed to allow you to print practically anything on any surface! It has the ability to print images, text and customized designs anywhere – whether it’s on a paper, shirt, plastics, glass, and more! Sounds cool, eh?

What should I love about Selpic S1+ Print Head Handy Printer

Unlike other portable printers out there, this head handy printer gets the job done in the palm of your hands in as fast as less than a minute! All you have to do is to get your design uploaded in the app, (which works for both Android and iOS, by the way) connect to your Selpic, and voila! You’re already ready to print!

Whether you want to design your own bag, print business cards, make art projects as a gift to your loved ones, Selpic does extremely fast printing. All you need to do is slide the printer on the surface and it prints in one second!

What other features does this handheld printer offer?

  • Faster Printing
  • Larger Capacity
  • All Languages Supported
  • Print at Any Angle
  • Print Vertical Sentence
  • Print Vertical Sentence
  • Print Vertical Sentence
  • Long Working Time
Printing has never been so easy with Selpic! So whether you’re doing it for business, for an art project or for some organizing at home, this handy printer can definitely come in very “handy” in getting the job done!
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