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Get healthier and stay hydrated all day long with this life-changing personal hydration coach

With this technology, you’ll never have to feel thirsty again – ever!

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At many points in our lives, we probably have included “drink more water” on our to-do list. Indeed, the importance of adequate water intake cannot be overemphasized. But it’s easier said than done. A busy schedule and a full plate everyday can make it hard to remember to get up and refill your glass or cup or tumbler with our body’s most needed fluid – water.

The good news is technology has made it more convenient for us to remember about drinking more water throughout the day. All thanks to Ulla, you can stay hydrated all day long effortlessly!

What is Ulla?

Ulla is the world’s first hydration reminder water bottle attachment. It’s a smart device you can easily attach to your water bottle or tumbler so that you won’t have any excuses of forgetting about your water intake.


How does Ulla work?

Ulla is engineered to keep you reminded to drink more water if you forget. It has smart detection sensors that blink before dehydration kicks in and it’s capable of tracking the times when you drink. It reminds you to drink more at least once every hour.

Because it can work with bottles of any shape, size and material, you won’t have any reasons to neglect your water intake. This device will help you achieve optimal hydration which in turn will improve your mood, reduce risk of headache, and get healthier overall!
Now, do you have any excuse to skip your daily water intake?

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