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Get Free GTA V When You Buy an Xbox One

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Gamestop and Best Buy?is now offering a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V with every purchase of an Xbox One! If you are looking for ?a good reason to buy an Xbox One, here is your chance! You don?t have to buy the best GTA game anymore! And not only that, you are given some free in-game cash to give you a headstart when you decide to start playing! Simply a great offer to those frugal gamers who want to upgrade from their Xbox 360!

The giant retailers are now making Xbox One console deals more attractive. This is already available this week and is sure to sell like hotcakes, so get yours now while they are still available!

You don?t only get the copy of Rockstar’s acclaimed open-world game, you also receive a ?Great White Shark Cash Card?. This grants you a whopping $1.25 million worth of in-game currency! Another incentive worth $20 of value!

This offer also applies to the Xbox One. However, it isn?t limited to GTA V only. If you are lucky, you are still eligible to get other offers that come with the deal. Yes, you will still be qualified for the bundles. You can get two games at the same time if your retailer offers it. It?s a pretty sweet deal and you are crazy if you?re going to miss it.

GTA V is still selling like crazy, and the player population isn?t decreasing at all. This is a game that?s turning 3 years old but is still the 3rd best selling game in US retail, announced this February 2016. Despite of its age, the player support, the constant updates and more additions to the franchise make this game a timeless open-world game.

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