?The Get Down? Cancelled: Netflix Not Happy With Ratings Of Its Most Expensive Series?

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The Get Down Cancelled
The Get Down Cancelled

The Get Down cancelled news ?have been a real bummer to Netflix fans who were looking forward to the succeeding episodes of the show. A lot of factors came into mind when viewers found out about the cancellation possibility of the Netflix series musical drama. But based on reports swirling, it’s still a numbers game and apparently the show is a big flop, based on Netflix standards.

The show explores the last days of disco and the rise of the hip-hop culture in the late ’70s in New York City. This by far is the most expensive series Netflix has produced. It had a rating of 3.2 million viewers whose age ranges from 18-49 in the United States. So far, it has gotten a rating demo of 2.33 million during its first month of release.

These are massive numbers but compared to the Orange is the New Black demo, the disparity cannot be ignored. The latter generated a whopping 15.56 million in ratings!

The production cost of the show is an estimated $120 million dollars. There is definitely a lot at stake here. With a high stakes kind of investment like this, the streaming cost cannot afford a ‘flop’ on their end. The current viewership does not satisfy the expected returns to the streaming company.

Blame it on the Hoax

These negative feedback is definitely taking it’s toll on the show and it’s management. Obviously, a lot of expectations were not met which could mean that cancellation of the series could become a big possibility.

They do have prominent cast members, they made sure of that to attract their target audience. They’ve taken in the likes of Justice Smith (Ezekiel), Herizen Guardiola (Mylene Cruz), Shameik Moore (Shaolin Fantastic), and Skylan Brooks (Ra-Ra Kipling). And how can we forget, Jaden Smith (Marcus Kipling).

Clearly, the death hoax generated a lot of negative publicity for the young star. Will Smith‘s son was even rumored to have taken advantage of this as a good publicity stunt. But it didn’t work as the ratings

continued plummeting. So, has The Get Down show made it’s first and last season? Only time will tell.

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